Provides Best Operations

Innovative and Reliable Service Delivery

Ngucha Energy Corporation Limited offers its customers the flexibility to select from our scope of services including full delivery to customer sites, supplier held inventory and service provision through supplier facilities. The policy of Ngucha Energy Corporation Ltd apart from being a low cost player is to provide solutions to consumers of products in bulk. These are based predominantly on making the consumer pay only for what is consumed (Consignment Stocks). The maintenance of stock levels is the responsibility of Ngucha Energy Corporation Limited.

Further, Ngucha Energy Corporation offers tank and pump facilities specifically to suit the customers’ needs. Ngucha Energy Corporation through its well defined customer services team comes on the market with short response time and allow for instant decision making and deal confirmation which falls within;

This is achieved through the company’s policy of being up to date with changes in the petroleum industry both locally and worldwide and passing on necessary but timely information to its clients. Ngucha Energy Corporation Limited maintains an unmatched customer loyalty which is the basis for the sustainability of its revenue growth and profitability.

Additional Operating Strategies

The external service values mainstreamed into Ngucha Energy Corporation operations and service delivery are deliberately designed to lead to benefits received by the costumers through reduced costs incurred in obtaining the service.

Thus, the Ngucha Energy Corporation Limited customer enjoys the benefits of competitive prices in addition to

  1. Minimal or no costs of finding the service
  2. Minimal or no costs of travelling to the service location
  3. Minimal or no costs of waiting for the service and
  4. Minimal or no costs of correcting any problems encountered



Price is one of the drivers of marketability. The lean structure of Ngucha Energy Corporation allows the firm the flexibility to be competitive in pricing. Additionally Ngucha Energy Corporation Ltd does not have to hire transport to distribute its product since it owns a fleet of fuel delivery trucks; this gives Ngucha a competitive edge in terms of pricing and allows the company to be a low cost player in the market which results in a win – win situation for both our customer and Ngucha Energy Corporation Limited. Customers are kept well informed of changes in pricing. The technical support team advises customers on how to utilize fuels in the most cost effective manner.


Satisfied Employees

Achieved through a valued internal service quality control system which incorporates employee selection, workplace design, reward systems and computer tools used to support performance of staff.

HIV/AIDS Orientation

Realizing the need to return a healthy workforce, Ngucha Energy is currently developing an HIV/AIDS policy acceptable and responsive to the needs of its staff, their family members and the communities in which they interact. At Ngucha Energy Corporation Limited, we believe that employee retention and low employee turnover drives productivity and customer valve is assured by satisfied employees. The spill-over benefits extend not only to the shareholders but also to the customer oriented support team.


Stocking Facilities

Ngucha Energy has a depot in Ndola for maintaining extended stocks critical for continued customer business operation thus allowing for the availability of reliable product and service delivery even in times of perennial national stock outs, not alien to Zambia. With a strategic relationship with a large Multinational Entity means that the logistics are already in place for the supply of fuels into the Zambian market should the need arise.

Working within a Regulated Framework

Ngucha Energy Corporation Limited ensures that it operates within national defined regulations and maintains updated relations with key statutory institutions in the country such as the Registrar of Companies, the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA), the Energy Regulation Board (ERB), Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) and the Local Government. Customers are therefore guaranteed a reliable relationship with Ngucha Energy Corporation Limited. Ngucha Energy Corporation Limited has in its possession the following instruments.